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Antioxidant and Pigment Specialist  

Founded by Dr. Zein E.Obagi, it is the number one selling medical skincare brand in the US for 15 consecutive years. Its patented "Penetrating Therapeutic™" technology pioneers a gradual peeling system, which is able to improve skin texture in a number of ways, unlike conventional products that focus on individual issues. OBAGI is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, with 80% reporting satisfactory results.


*Based on total sales through all sales channels according to report by No.1 Info from Kline.

Nu-Derm/ Nu-Derm Fx

A revolutionary, systematic peeling system to improve skin quality beyond tackling individual issues. Restores cell health and skin smoothness. Increases clarity with zero pigment. AHAs, hydroquinone, arbutin and other potent ingredients can fully penetrate the skin thanks to its patented technology. Pigments, wrinkles, looseness, acne scars and other skin problems are improved in one go. This mild but powerful peeling system comprises six products, with each step working together to produce results three times more effective than single whitening ingredients.

OBAGI-CRx System

The only commercially available system of products that blends medical ingredient hydroquinone and Vitamin C. Deep penetration alongside powerful ingredients work together to achieve maximum whitening results. Oil-soluble Vitamin C has a more stable and powerful defence against free radicals. Deep penetration into the dermis enables damaged skin cells to be repaired and protected, resulting in a youthful glow.

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