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TNS Growth Factor Specialist

One of the three leading US medical skincare brand*, Skinmedica is the choice of most plastic surgeons#. Founded by laser application technology pioneer Dr. Richard E. Fitzpatrick, Skinmedica has developed the patented TNS® Human Growth Factors technology. These 110 human growth factors can effectively stimulate and repair damaged and ageing skin, to achieve the best anti-ageing results.


*According to Kline & Company 2007 Professional Skincare product report
# Fitzpatrick RE, Rostan EF. J Coset Laser Ther. 2003; 5: 25-34

TNS Essential Serum

Restructures the dermis for skin renewal.

Two anti-ageing serums in one, with FDA-approved TNS® Human Growth Factors technology and APS CorrectiveComplex to stimulate collagen regenerative from deep within the skin.

Effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines, whitens and moisturises. Clinically proven to reduce rough lines after one month of use.

Increases UV ray protection by 50%*. Restructures ageing dermis to reveal youthful skin.

Main ingredient:
TNS® Human Growth Factors, Water soluble collagen and amino acids, APS corrective complex, oil soluble vitamin C, Q10, arbutin and hyaluronic acid.

*Trookman NS, Rizer RL, Ho E, Ford RO, Gotz V. Clinical Efficacy and Tolerance of a Novel Treatment Serum for Photodamaghed Facial Skin

LYTERA™ Skin Brightening Complex

Tackling pigmentation from inside-out.

LYTERA™ patented formula can reach the root of the pigmentation and destroy it from within.
Reduce surface discolouration as well as pigmentation within the dermis to restore a bright and even skin tone.
Hydroquinone-free for safe continued use. It brightening effect, proven by 600 clinical cases, is equivalent to 4% hydroquinone*.

Main ingredients:
Ethoxy benzaldehyde, retinol, nicotine amine, oil-soluble vitamin C

*Makino ET, Mehta RC, Garruto J, Gotz V. Sigler ML, Herndon JH. Clinical efficiacy and safty of a multimodality skin brightener composition compared with 4% hydroquinone. J Drugs Dermatol. 2013 Mar; 12(3):s21-6.

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