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AI Whitin

AI Whitin

The company’s first brand to integrate AI into medical aesthetics. Created to target the source of spots, AI Whitin System eradicates all spots in 3 steps: AI Root Analysis, Modify Pigment Ecosystem, and Permanent Spot Removal.

Our exclusive spot analysis technology precisely analyses the cause, type, and distribution of spots to personalise solutions for all skin types. The solution formulated in the U.S. eradicates all spots, including vascular-associated melisma for permanent spot removal, resulting in lasting, brighter skin.

The technology has been approved by the FDA and CE for safety and efficacy. Clinically proven to reduce melanin by 25% in 4 weeks1; complement with treatment for a spotless and radiant skin from within.


1. Based on the results of the study conducted by Neo Derm in 2020, where 17 models participated within a 1-month period (As measured by ANTERA 3D®).

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