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SCA Cell Restoration Expert

In 1965, Spanish Medical Authority Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias discovered the secret of Cryptomphalus Aspersa, an exclusive breed of snail that can only be found in the Mediterranean Sea,  its protective secretion can heal lesions in less than 48 hours.


Over decades of science research, Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias has proven that SCA repair solution is proved to regenerate and repair human skin cells effectively. It also facilitates collagen regeneration, maintains skin health and completely against aging.

Ampoules SCA40

A treat for the skin

Containing a high SCA concentration of 40% and natural moisturizers, SCA 40 is designed to act as a quick repair, restoring tired and dry skin. It also works well as a supplement after medical aesthetic treatments such as laser, IPL, peeling and micro-needling. Skin recovery is accelerated, with deep anti-ageing benefits. Fine lines and pores are lessened, while sensitivity and dryness are instantly reduced.

Tensage Ampoules SCA 50

50% SCA concentration for heightened skin suppleness

Containing a high SCA concentration of 50%, SCA 50 uses advanced technology to combat ageing. Damaged and ageing cells are repaired, restructured, and tightened, while wrinkles are visibly reduced to restore youthful skin. Tensderm firming factors also leaves the skin moist, firm and supple immediately after use.

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