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Cell Anti-oxidant and Sunscreen Specialist

Spanish anti-oxidant expert HELIOCARE's patented Fernblock® formula is approved by the Harvard Medical School and the world's leading dermatologists. Fernblock® sunscreen can effectively protect the skin from harmful UV rays, while repairing damaged DNA to prevent collagen loss.
Medical sunscreen Fernblock®'s three-pronged approach for skin defence:

- Repair DNA to defer ageing 
- Enhance fibroblast cell viability by 300% 
- UV protection down to the deepest cell level

Ultra Gel SPF90

Fernblock® offers cell protection by using chemical, physical, biological and innovative plant UV blockers, providing a full block of UV rays and lasting protection of the skin. Green tea extract is another antioxidant added to prevent ageing. Hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause breakouts, it is refreshing and easy to apply, and does not create a white film on the skin. Water and sweat proof. Suitable for any skin type.

Advanced XF Gel SPF50

Vitamin E is added to the cell protecting Fernblock® formula for extra antioxidant and anti-ageing effects.

The use of chemical, physical and biological and innovative plant UV blockers provides a full block of UV rays. With a silky texture, low sensitivity and anti-acne formula, it is easy to apply, without creating a white film on the skin. Keeps the skin fresh all day. Suitable for any skin type.

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