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AHA Peeling Specialist

Established by AHA pioneers Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, NeoStrata was the first to develop patented AHAs from plants. They are clinically proven to be able to effectively improve ageing skin, acne, spots and ichthyosis.


The brand owns over 100 international patents and is sold in over 86 countries worldwide. It is widely approved by dermatologists from around the world.

ProSystem Peel Treatment

Carried out by physicians for guaranteed safety
Clinically proven effectiveness

Used by many dermatologists, NeoStrata ProSystem peeling system can customise concentration and treatment according to different skin conditions. The patented AHA glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane, whose tiny molecules can quickly penetrate the skin and reach the epidermis. Skin cells are strengthened by 16.5%#, reducing dullness, roughness, pigmentation, acne and excess oiliness.

The skin is brought back to a healthy 28-day cycle and given a new life.

ProSystem Peel treatment is carried by qualified dermatologists for guaranteed safety. There is also no down time post treatment.

#Bernstein EF,Lee J, Brown DB, Yu R, Van Scott E. Glycolic acid treatment increase type 1 collagen mRNA and hyaluronic acid content of human skin. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. 2001; 27(5);429-433

Gel Plus Home Peel

An evolution to ultra smoothness

90%* users reported satisfaction with their skin evolution: Smoothness from inside-Out

Scrubbing alone cannot reveal the skin’s clarity. Even deep cleansing cannot go deep enough to kickstart the skin’s natural regeneration.

Only NeoStrata Gel Plus, with its patented AHA glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane, can penetrate the skin deep enough to melt down the desmosome, which causes ageing, to kick off natural exfoliation and rejuvenate dull skin. It goes even deeper to renew active skin cells and restore their natural cycle. Used once per week to revitalise the skin from inside-out.

*Result gained from 30 testers after four weeks of continued use

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