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Neo-collagen Specialist

reenex has introduced Hong Kong's first Collagen Regeneration System, with the promise that one course can stop ageing for three years*. The system stimulates fibroblasts to facilitate generation of collagen by reactivating the collagen zone which is 500 micrometer beneath the dermis. For the next three years the skin will be pumped with collagen, eliminating large pores, wrinkles, dehydration and sagging. The technology has been approved by the FDA and the CE.


*According to reports by Fournier N, Lagarde JM, Turlier V, Courrech L, Mordon S. A 35-month profilometric and clinical evaluation of non-ablative remodeling using a 1540-nm Er:glass laser. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2004 Nov;6(3):126-30.

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