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Medical Aesthetic Treatments

With a firm foundation in medical aesthetics and a forwarding looking vision, NEODERM serves customers with a comprehensive medical aesthetic solution that applies technological advancements in medicine to the beauty industry. NEODERM's major medical aesthetic treatment brands include: hair removal specialist dermes, neo-collagen specialist reenex, fat sculpting specialist elyze, ageless skin specialist Evvus, Vigene for health management and Geneoo for gene expression treatment.

Skincare Products

NEODERM offers a range of world renowned medical aesthetic products to satisfy all skin needs. All products are clinically proven and recommended by dermatologists.

Medical Aesthetic Technologies

During its early days, NEODERM dealt mainly in the import of medical aesthetic equipment for local medical institutions. Never one to forget its roots, NEODERM has always considered it one of its missions to serve dermatologists and plastic surgeons by bringing in state-of-the-art medical aesthetic equipment from around the world.

Brand News