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Vision and Mission

Since its inception in 1997, NEODERM has strived to create endless possibilities for women's beauty. With extraordinary vision and commitment, as well as a relentless pursuit of service quality, the company is able to create a bright future for its staff, customers and the general community by building on its present achievements.

Group Founder

Spot the trends, create opportunities and build on our strength. This is NEODERM. It's our past, present and future. 


20 years since the Group was founded, NEODERM has grown dramatically from a 3-person distributor of medical aesthetics products and equipment to a leading player in the industry, with over 1,000 staff in Hong Kong and China.



It starts from the heart. All medical aesthetic equipment and products have been clinically proven to ensure their safety and efficacy.


It starts with love. We train our staff to become professionals who are able to provide comprehensive service for customers, while continuing to improve customer experience from our centres to home.


It starts with beauty. We are committed to developing our industry, and take up corporate responsibilities. We raise our management standards and work together with our industry partners to seek new breakthroughs.


Offer world class medical aesthetic solutions, develop the people to deliver meaningful services, and create endless possibilities for a beautiful future.


To lead the industry by offering excellent quality management and service standards, and develop world class medical aesthetic solutions through industry partnerships.